Adventures of an Eight-Year-Old Boy With Two Elder Brothers

Valentina Pellizzoni
Miriam Serafin
Children Books
Italian publisher
Edizioni Corsare
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Adventures of an Eight-Year-Old Boy With Two Elder Brothers
written by Valentina Pellizzoni
illustrated by Miriam Serafin

Italian publisher: Edizioni Corsare
cm 17 x 23 | 56 pp.

All rights available
First 3 chapters translated in English

It’s tough being the youngest of three siblings as the elders head off into the teenage jungle and you’re still a playful kid with a wild imagination. The sofa is your stage, the realm where the most magical and memorable stories are born, in which, however, brothers no longer take part. They are now 11 and 14 and think only of video games, girlfriends and making fun of you. Luckily, in the house, or rather, in the garden, there are also four cats and four hens that make life beautiful and occasionally more lively and fun. And the grandfather lives nearby, who knows a lot about everything and gives good advice. 

With acuteness and sensitivity, Valentina Pellizzoni recounts male brotherhood and the sudden transition from childhood to adolescence. The point of view is that of Gabi, a talkative third son with a poetic nature, who sees his older brothers grow and transform from one moment to the next, swinging from the most burning disappointment to boundless admiration.

A genuine reading that takes on tender and painful contours on the one hand and hilarious on the other, enlivened by the illustrations by Miriam Serafin, who knows how to naturally grasp the spirit of the text and reflect the personality of the protagonists with vivacity and sympathy. 

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