All The Sunshine, by Antonella Boralevi

Antonella Boralevi
Italian publisher
La Nave di Teseo
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Two reckless girls and their large family in the whirlwind of Fascism and postwar Italy

June 10, 1940. As Mussolini’s Italy enters the war, four kids play tennis in the enchanted garden of a villa in Tuscany. History bursts into their blissful youth and forces them to take their lives into their own hands. The little Countess Ottavia Valiani is fourteen years old, and she is wearing the sun. Her little sister, Verdiana, spies on her from the shadows. She is shy, ugly, perhaps mean. Both girls suffer from being sisters and also women: one is the yardstick of the other. Torn between envy and admiration, determined to challenge the special bond between Octavia and her father, Verdiana ventures the unpredictable.

The Valiani’s family is very different from every other one. A charming and treacherous father, count, surgeon and Podestà of San Miniato. A mother submissive but capable of becoming a lioness. And then the household staff, the elderly cook, the proud young scullery maid, the German maid. Around them, fascists and partisans, scianthese and peasants, displaced persons and the newly rich.

A fresco of destinies and emotions where lies become truths and truths lies, among fascist receptions and parades, wild dances and ambushes, palaces and cottages. In a swarming of forbidden passions, secret hostilities, poignant tenderness, generosity and resentment, over which blazes the mysterious charm of handsome Ranieri, the love of Octavia. As Great History takes its course, dark souls become clear and wrong men become right.

The author delves into the souls of the characters and our own. She continually turns situations and characters upside down, as life does. And she reveals the shining secret to mending our hearts.


Born in Florence, ANTONELLA BORALEVI is the author of novels, short stories, screenplays and essays. With All the sunshine (La Nave di Teseo, 2021) she created a highly successful saga. Her novels include the bestsellers Before the Wind (2004), The Bright Side (2007), One Night’s Kisses (2013), Ask the Night (2019), and The Little Girl in the Dark (new edition La Nave di Teseo, 2019). She is translated in Germany, France, Japan, and Russia. She has published 24 titles with the most important Italian publishers.