Little Fingerprints, by Maria Gianola

Maria Gianola
Maria Gianola
Children Books
Italian publisher
Raffaello Editore
Rights sold
English (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau)

The inhabitants of the clearing are very different from one another: in What a hurry!, Koala spends all his time relaxing, while Weasel and Raccoon run back and forth the whole day. In You are too much! Elephant doesn’t fit anywhere, he is too big, too high, too slow… definitively, he is too much. Boar is confused, he can’t understand why he doesn’t have anything, while others do. He also wants his own Treasure. And all together are worried by the traces left behind by… The Intruder!

Four engaging books to learn how to live a life of kindness, to accept other people’s differences, to savor the slowness and to take each moment all in.


MARIA GIANOLA is an author and illustrator. She was born and lives in Venice, where she studied visual arts. She won the first prize for illustrations at the age of 8, since then she has never stopped drawing. In 2016 she won the prestigious Arpino prize for A scary friend written by Tiziano Scarpa (Gallucci). She has been published by the most important international publishers in Italy and abroad. She was selected in 2022 for the prestigious Italian prize “Nati per leggere”.