Little Wolf (series)

Eva Rasano
Eva Rasano
Children Books
Italian publisher
Bacchilega Junior
Rights sold
All rights available except for Turkish

Little Wolf
written and illustrated by Eva Rasano
cm 16 x 16 | 48 pp. full color
Reading age: 0-3
Italian publisher: Bacchilega Junior
All rights available except for Turkish

Wolf in Rhymes
won the prestigious Italian Prize “Nati per leggere”.
More than 20,000 copies sold in Italy

Series of 6 books: With Wolf’s Ears; In the Wolf Mouth; Wolf Discoveries Wolf; Sea Wolf; Earth Wolf; Wolf in Rhymes.

Little Wolf howls and expresses stupor, marvel and anger; with his big ears he listens to the sounds around him; Little Wolf is hungry and looks about: what a lot of colored food he can eat! With his paws, Little Wolf touches everything and explores his body; Little Wolf talks about nature and the sea: gardens, trees, flowers, seasons, sunrise and sunset, but also water, waves, islands and all the extraordinary creatures that live beneath the surface of the sea.
Through the experiences of Little Wolf, small children become familiar with themselves and their environment, while having fun.

EVA RASANO was born in Cagliari, where she lives and works. She has been published with foreign and Italian publishers. In 2015 she won the National prize “Nati per leggere” (“Born to read”) thanks to the book Lupo in versi (Wolf in Rhymes). Wolf ears App received a special mention by Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award in 2017. She organizes laboratories for children.