The Legend of “The Only Ones”, The Tales of Elmoni, by Alessandro Ricci

Alessandro Ricci
Italian publisher
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A must-read for fans of Stranger Things and Dungeons and Dragons.

Insecure, absent-minded, perfectionist and bully on Earth. Wizard, ranger, thief and warrior on Elmoni. On both planets, four boys from the small village of Candorsola, Davide, Roberto, Amelia and Marco, find themselves clinging to a cumbersome label. Yet they are Unique… the only ones capable of travelling between two parallel dimensions never in contact with each other, the Earth, the one we all know, and Elmoni.

Every human being has his or her own unconscious double in the other universe. All except these four students, transported beyond the Mantle that separates the two realities since the origin of time. For this gift, they are entrusted with the decisive mission: to defeat the Choir and its disturbing adepts, the Singers, in order to save both planets.

In a succession of twists and action, the boys will discover what unites them, coming to terms with their own limitations and developing unexpected abilities. A journey that will have enormous consequences on their lives, amidst complicated relationships and the desire to escape from themselves and powerful new emotions. The road to becoming One is long and challenging; the enemy, cunning and close… Will they be ready for the final duel?


ALESSANDRO RICCI (Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, 1981) is an author of books for children and young people. A passionate lifelong dreamer, since childhood he has spent most of his time inventing stories and fantasy worlds.