The Little Zoologist

Maddalena Schiavo
Valeria Valenza
Children Books
Italian publisher
Edizioni Corsare
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The Little Zoologist
written by Maddalena Schiavo
illustrated by Valeria Valenza
Italian publisher: Edizioni Corsare
cm 21 x 28 | 32 pp. full color
Reading age: 3+

Alice would like to join her mother when she travels to study animals all around the world, but she can’t. One day, she finds out that she can become very tiny, so she hides in her mom’s backpack. It’s so exciting meeting all the animals she had known only through books in their own environment! Cheetahs, monkeys, whales, penguins, elephants…

MADDALENA SCHIAVO lives in the nearby of Vicenza. Author of children’s texts, since 2014 she has been publishing picture books and children’s books in Italy. She holds animated readings and workshops for children, in schools, libraries, associations and bookshops. For some years she has been organizing a literary festival dedicated to children.

VALERIA VALENZA was born in Cagliari. She attended High School of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts. Her works were selected for the 2005, 2009 and 2010’s editions of Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and were exhibited in the fiction section. She holds illustration workshops in schools and museums, and has participated in lots of collective exhibitions around the world. She has been published in IRAN, ITALY, KOREA, UNITED KINGDOM.

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