The Mysterious Disappearance Of Don Vito Trabìa, by Sebastiano Ambra

Sebastiano Ambra
Italian publisher
Newton Compton
Rights sold
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The operation to capture the dangerous fugitive Vito Trabìa stops in a dead end: the policemen, arriving at the place where they were supposed to surprise the boss, find only an old milkman. There’s no trace of Don Vito.

In Palermo, Inspector Malena Di Giacomo, fresh from her difficult break-up with her girlfriend, receives what at first glance seems to be a letter from a mythomaniac, but which actually turns out to be a gauntlet: someone has kidnapped Vito Trabìa and now intimates Lena to find him, within twenty-four hours and without the help of her colleagues, otherwise the boss will be killed.

The inspector has no choice, but the task is anything but simple: in order to find Don Vito, she will in fact have to solve the sequence of riddles devised by the kidnapper, riddles that blend art and literature with the history and legends of the Sicilian capital. Aided by psychologist Leonardo Colli, Lena will thus embark on a dangerous scavenger hunt, which will lead her through the alleys and monuments of a mysterious and esoteric Palermo, to reach at breakneck speed the epilogue of a story in which nothing is as it seems.


SEBASTIANO AMBRA (Catania, 1979) is a journalist and writer. After graduating in Modern Literature, he collaborated for a period with the Catania chair of Dialectology. He wrote about music for a few newspapers and moved to Rome, where he embarked on a career as a journalist, covering first Interni and then Cronaca. He turned professional in 2010 and, back in Sicily, began working for several newspapers (Quotidiano di Sicilia, Micromega, Il Megafono).