Wolf And Milo One More Place, by Maria Gianola

Maria Gianola
Maria Gianola
Children Books
Italian publisher
Edizioni Paoline
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Wolf and Milo are great friends and always play together. What if suddenly they are not like that anymore? One day, Owl asks them to make room for him, but how do you do it? Can three people be friends?

One More Place is the first in a series of four stories written and illustrated by Maria Gianola, which peek tenderly and humorously inside that delicate world we call friendship.

The small adventures of the two protagonists, who together learn to deal with situations and emotions, are inspired by the everyday relationships between children as they begin to confront each other.


MARIA GIANOLA is an author and illustrator. She was born and lives in Venice, where she studied visual arts. She won the first prize for illustrations at the age of 8, since then she has never stopped drawing. In 2016 she won the prestigious Arpino prize for A scary friend written by Tiziano Scarpa (Gallucci). She has been published by the most important international publishers in Italy and abroad. She was selected in 2022 for the prestigious Italian prize “Nati per leggere”.