Wonderful Now, by Maria Gianola

Maria Gianola
Maria Gianola
Children Books
Italian publisher
Gruppo Abele
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Wonderful Now
Written and illustrated by Maria Gianola
Italian publisher: Gruppo Abele edizioni
cm 21 x 21 | 28 pp. full color
Reading age: 4+

All rights available
Full translation in English

Marta is five years old, she has a red cat, a swallow’s nest and a tree house. She collects snowflakes, shooting stars, new words and difficult questions: Daddy, when will the baby calf be born? Tonight? And the leaves, when will they turn red and yellow? And the cherries, Daddy, why aren’t they already on the branches? How many beautiful things we can wait for!
We know, however, that patience is needed, because life needs time to grow and mature slowly. And while we wait, we can marvel at what surrounds us now, right now. Wonderfully now.