Beastian, by Bruno Tognolini and Alicia Baladan

Bruno Tognolini
Alicia Baladan
Children Books
Italian publisher
Edizioni Gruppo Abele
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Beastian tells the story of Sebastiano, called Bastian first and Beastian later. A taciturn boy with special needs and, fortunately, a welcoming and loving family. Beastian only draws animals. Lots of animals. And not only that: he seems to have a special relationship with animals, almost as if he were talking to them. And then those little hairs on his back, those slightly feral physical features…

A science-fiction story for children, which talks about very strange things such as the recombination of human-animal DNA, but it does so in a language – Bruno Tognolini’s typical language – that makes everything clear, that goes straight to the heart with its poetry. The work reflects the author’s personal love for the animal world, but above all an invitation: to go beyond appearances, to have respect for our surroundings, to have regard for those people who seem so very different from us. Universal messages, in this transformer tale – again, stealing Tognolini’s words – that starts out as a slice of life of a special child and turns, almost without realising it, into a cyberpunk and bio-fantasy work.


BRUNO TOGNOLINI is one of the most well-reputed Italian authors in Italy and abroad. Born in Cagliari, he lives in Bologna, in Lecce, and on the road in a thousand meetings with readers. He has written poetry, novels and short stories in over 60 titles. He is the author of theatre texts, articles, songs, television programmes. He has won numerous awards, most recently the Pierluigi Cappello Prize in 2022.

ALICIA BALADAN was born in Uruguay where she spent her childhood. She moved to Italy and graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. She worked in animation cinema and contemporary art, and in recent years has concentrated on illustration, writing and education. Today she lives and works in Brescia. Among her recent books: L’uovo nero (Uovonero, 2020) and La prima risata (Topipittori, 2017)