Extraordinary Myths, by Marilù Oliva

Marilù Oliva
Young Adult
Italian publisher
Rights sold
All rights available

Stories of Heroes and Heroines, Deities and Creatures You Don’t Expect 
by Marilù Oliva
220 pp.
Italian publisher: DeAgostini
All rights available
English sample available

Have you ever used the word “extraordinary”? If so, you may know that it has many nuances: it can mean different, out of the ordinary… but also special, unique. Just like this journey through mythology that unravels the lesser-known pages of classical tradition. By reading this book, you will meet unusual versions of heroines and heroes, women and men, creatures and deities, who for the first time will reveal their secrets, fears, imperfections and quirks. And you will find out that what they usually hide is actually the most interesting part of the story! Because –deep down– those are the attributes that make mythological characters so exceptional: what makes the Minotaur so fascinating, if not his appearance and his tormented soul? How mighty and terrible Medusa would be, if not for the snakes of her own hair?

Marilù Oliva shows us the beauty of being different from each other and the importance of accepting ourselves just as we are. Because what we see as defects to be amended could be incomparable strengths or undefeatable weapons, allowing us, in their uniqueness, to make a difference. With the Myths of Hephaestus, The minotaur, The sirens, Polyphemus, Narcissus, Pygmalion, Myrrh, Oedipus, Cupid and Psyche, Zeus, Medusa, Prometheus, Scylla and Charybdis, Le Moire, Orpheus, Arachne, Heracles, Atalanta, Odysseus, Cassandra, Persephone, Hermaphrodite, Laius, The Amazons, Tiresias.

MARILÙ OLIVA is a bestselling author and high school teacher. Passionate about mythology, she has written successful books, such as The Odyssey told by Penelope, Circe, Calypso and the others (more than 30,000 copies sold) and Dido’s Aeneid (first print run 40,000 copies) both translated in several countries.

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