Igor, by Francesca Dafne Vignaga

Francesca Dafne Vignaga
Children Books
Italian publisher
Edizioni Corsare
Rights sold
French, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, S. Chinese

written and illustrated 
by Francesca Dafne Vignaga
Italian publisher: Edizioni Corsare
cm 19 x 19 | 24 pp. full color
Reading age: 3+

All he knows about himself is his name: Igor. He has been thoughtful for a few days. Could it be that I’ve never seen anyone who looks like him? Maybe it’s out there somewhere, and just needs to be found. Maybe it’s time to leave home and to go on a journey in search of a family, but every time he thinks he has found one, he realizes that it’s not the right one.
Until one day, he finds a friend and he learns that he’s precious exactly as he is, even though he doesn’t look like anyone else.

FRANCESCA DAFNE VIGNAGA is an author and illustrator. She has been published with different publishing houses in Italy and abroad. Her picture books received mentions and awards. In 2014 she won the 3rd Prize at Sharjah Book Fair as best illustrator.

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