It Begins In Brooklyn, by Federica Piacentini

Federica Piacentini
Italian publisher
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Martin Gale is nine years old and yet he is ready to release the strength of those who feel that there is no more time, they cannot wait any longer, they must roll up their sleeves and start playing. For real.
Martin loves and is very much loved by his grandparents, emigrated from Greece, and by his mother Leah, as well as by Mama Jean, the bizarre stran- ger who has decided to take in both of them after their eviction. He also loves Jack Gale very much, his languishing father, and he feels loved back by the neighborhood in which he was born and raised. Brooklyn. Martin’s mother is getting sick, something that in the United States has a cost. For him, learning to play chess, and trying to win a rich prize offered by a tour- nament, is an act of rebellion against the circumstances, the rules, the fatal constraints in which everyone finds himself – willingly or unwillingly – when he comes into the world. What Martin will discover, as he learns the game on the chessboard, is that right there in the middle, adult life opens up.

It Begins in Brooklyn is a novel that balances between extremes, black and white, the hope to succeed and the fear to fail, the joy and the pain. It is the story of an apprenticeship to the much life that comes from the little you have and the courage to take risks. To understand that the family is made up of the people we choose to trust, that a promise can last through the winter and that, instead of suffering fate, we can write it despite everything.

FEDERICA PIACENTINI was born in Gaeta in 1983. She graduated in Publishing and Journalism at the University La Sapienza of Rome. She at- tended the two-year school of Creative Writing of Roberto Cotroneo, the Luiss Writing School and eventually became a professional creative coach, devoting herself to creativity at 360 degrees. She has traveled extensively, and lives in New York with her family. It Begins in Brooklyn is her first novel.

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