Ooops!, by Maria Gianola

Maria Gianola
Maria Gianola
Children Books
Italian publisher
Scienza Express
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OOOPS! The Importance of Making Mistakes
Written and Illustrated by Maria Gianola
Series of 4 picture books: Inventions; Discoveries; Kitchen; Science.

cm 23 x 27 | 32 pp. full color
Reading age: 7-9
Publishing date of the first volume: March 2024
Italian publisher: Scienza Express

Human history is rich with providential discoveries. Have you ever heard about that Genoese navigator who departed with three caravels headed to India? Well, it occurred that… ooops! He accidentally discovered America!

Finding something which is unexpected arouses wonder and, across the centuries, allows human beings to evolve, grow, travel, invent.
So, are you curious about the luckiest unexpected events that went down in science, medicine, geographical discoveries, gastronomy?
We will learn how Coca-cola, Nutella and icicles were invented, how Urano planet was discovered, how the former vaccine was patented… the world won’t never be the same!

Four alluring books for children aged 7-9 years old, which narrate in an amusing way the most attractive episodes. At the end, we will remember that the path to achieve surprising results is full of mistakes and unanticipated events.

How I Invented…
Index of the 1st book: Play-Doh; Fireworks; Ballpoint Pen; Post-it Note; Match; Microwave Oven; Laminated Glass; Superglue; Fungicide; Velcro; Gore Tex; Teflon; Vulcanized Rubber.

MARIA GIANOLA is an author and illustrator. She was born and lives in Venice, where she studied visual arts. She won the first prize for illustrations at the age of 8, since then she has never stopped drawing. In 2016 she won the prestigious Arpino prize for A scary friend written by Tiziano Scarpa (Gallucci). She has been published with some of the most important international publishers in Italy and abroad. Little Fingerprints series was published in January 2023 by Raffaello Ragazzi, and new picture books are going to be published in 2024 by Gruppo Abele edizioni and Paoline edizioni. She was selected in 2022 for the prestigious Italian prize “Nati per leggere”.

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