The Diaries by Matt, by Francesco Muzzopappa

Francesco Muzzopappa
Children Books
Italian publisher
Rights sold

The Diaries by Matt
written by Francesco Muzzopappa
Reading age: 10+
Italian publisher: DeAgostini
Rights sold: Albania

Series of 3 novels:
1. The First Disastrous Book by Matt
2. Another Catastrophic Book by Matt
3. Earth Is Calling Matt

Author winner of 2023 “Guareschi” Prize
More than 15,000 copies of the 1st book
5 editions
Winner of “Bancarellino” Prize

Matt is a twelve-year-old with stubbornly messy black hair and a keen tendency for trouble. This time, however, he made a really big mess… But how could he have known that rockets, if triggered and positioned near bushes, can set them on fire? How could he have known that? Just how? His parents decide to put him in detention. Thankfully Matt, having lived through the past eleven and a half years in detention, has become a world expert about it and can survive any situation. Not allowed to use his mobile phone? Then, just switch to tablet. Video games completely gone? Then, go to Rebby, his close friend passionate about video games. No TV? Oh well, but now only THE DEAD watch TV: there is the Internet! Too bad that this time mom and dad surprise Matt with an unexpected and devastating sentence: for a month he will have to volunteer in an Elderly Center. That is, a center FULL of old people. Matt is desperate: he absolutely does not want to waste the best months of his youth amongst old folks. Besides, such an activity would undermine his already precarious reputation at school. Matt doesn’t know what to do, but one thing is certain: this time his plans will have to change. And drastically.

FRANCESCO MUZZOPAPPA is one of the best-known and most appreciated Italian authors and copywriters. He has published many adult novels too, whose foreign rights have been sold in France, where he has been acclaimed with great favor from critics and the readers.

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